Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day Two

The day began with a Meet and Greet in the lounge over lunch. Oskar Eustis, the Artistic Director of the Public Theater, is one of the most eloquent, inspiring speakers I have ever heard. (Over the summer, my supervisor invited me to the meet and greet for A Midsummer Night's Dream just so that I could hear his speech). We also discovered that Stanford was the reason JoAnne started doing theatre: while doing research here for her PhD in Philosophy at the University of Chicago, she got cast in the lead in a play over dozens of drama students. Amazing how things come full circle. :-)

In rehearsal we finished reading through the script and half the cast was sent home while the chorus rehearsed their music, which is being composed by Philip Glass. It turns out that JoAnne and Philip Glass were married for 15 years, so he has become an exciting part of the creative team even though he is not physically present. I absolutely love Philip Glass's choral music, which I first heard a month ago at a preview of Appomattox at the San Francisco opera. Another exciting fact: Sara Jobin, the music director, became the first woman to conduct the opera in San Francisco in 2004. And she's coming here directly from conducting Appomattox.
Pretty cool.

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