Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day One

I arrived at about 2:40 for the 3:00 read-through, and tried to make myself useful without being in the way. After several speeches and a round of introductions, JoAnne Akalaitis invited those of us not already sitting at the table (the three Stanford students involved in the project) to join the cast and staff for the read-through. And so it began, stopping every 10 or 15 lines to clarify pronunciation of a word or the meaning of a line with translator Nick Rudall. This man knows more about Greek and Greek mythology than I can imagine knowing about anything. He could spend ten minutes explaining the reasons for each word of his translation... or say frankly, "That is exactly what it says in the Greek".

The range of background and experience in the room made the energy around the table really exciting to be a part of. From young New York actresses to stage veteran George Bartenieff playing Teirisias, the cast is remarkably diverse and vibrant. I am really interested to see how JoAnne is going to shape the show once the cast is on its feet.

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