Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day Seven

This morning I had rehearsal for a reading I'm directing (for STAMP and Blackstage's theatre festival on AIDS: "Searching for Angels"- you should check it out!), and as we waited for the last actor to arrive, one of actors turned to the rest of the group and asked how we dealt with transitions. He had been teaching at a Spoken Word workshop, and his specific role was talking about transitions, and he was exploring how actors and speakers deal with that mentally and physically, in rhythm and tone. How does one internalize a transition?

At the beginning of rehearsal, JoAnne pulls out an excerpt from a book by Jean Genet. In summary, he writes:

Every scene and section of scene should be treated as an entire play- it should not indicate that anything will follow it. Every moment comes, and then it goes away.

And to this JoAnne said: "I am not interested in transitions."

Just something to think about.

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