Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Day Nine

Today I escorted JoAnne to Kevin DiPirro's "Madness and the Family" PWR2 class. I missed most of rehearsal for class, so I'll just share some things from that discussion. It was actually fascinating because Stanford students come up with the most intricate, academic questions, and trail off at the end unsure of whether they articulated their point clearly. Ironically, the point of PWR2 is to improve communication skills, so I think it was somewhat jarring for JoAnne to reply to a question with "I don't think I understand" or "Can you rephrase that?". Good practice. :-)

Two quotes that struck me:
"The Greeks are not us"
The audience is not meant to think their actions represent things that we can go through. The audience is not meant to identify with the characters.


"A tragic event is not a tragedy. Eric Clapton's son falling off the roof was a tragic event. It was not a tragedy."
In order to be a tragedy there has to be something off- Agave does not know that the thing she kills is her son.

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