Friday, November 2, 2007

Day Five

We almost finished staging today.

We were discussing the blindness of Teiresias, and how that could be played, and the story of Moondog came up.

Essentially, he was a blind musician who sat on Sixth Ave in NYC and played his music. And after getting kicked out of his apartment, Philip Glass, who was at the time married to JoAnne Akalaitis, invited Moondog to come live with them, and he stayed in their apartment for two years, until JoAnne was going to have a baby and they couldn't put up a blind musician anymore.

We also listened to his music, and JoAnne recommended reading New York Times articles about him, since he was such a fascinating figure. Like Teiresias, he was not born blind, but was blinded by a firecracker as a boy. Here's an article from 1989, which was written long after his time on Sixth Avenue and provides a nice view of his life.

What an amazing person's life to have been a part of.

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